Landscape Painting “Tips and Tricks” by Tim Gagnon – Painting Grass with a Fan Brush

This is the first "Tips and Tricks" video from gagnonstudio. The quality in this video isn't as high as I had hoped, because it was made rather quickly, but I will work on that for next Saturdays "Tips and Tricks" video. Please subscribe, or Tune in each Saturday. This video explains how to paint grass with an old fan brush. You can use a new fan brush as well, but an old fan brush has a unique shape due to missing and broken bristles. The unique shape makes a nice pattern for blades of grass. Using a dabbing technique and leaving small areas where the dark underpainting can show through creates depth and texture to the painting. The painting was completed with acrylic paint on canvas. For more detailed lessons, please visit Thank you for watching! Music They Hexyl Circle Creative Common License