Landscape Painting “Tips and Tricks” by Tim Gagnon – Painting Grass with a Fan Brush

This is the first "Tips and Tricks" video from gagnonstudio. The quality in this video isn't as high as I had hoped, because it was made rather quickly, but I will work on that for next Saturdays "Tips and Tricks" video. Please subscribe, or Tune in each Saturday. This video explains how to paint grass with an old fan brush. You can use a new fan brush as well, but an old fan brush has a unique shape due to missing and broken bristles. The unique shape makes a nice pattern for blades of grass. Using a dabbing technique and leaving small areas where the dark underpainting can show through creates depth and texture to the painting. The painting was completed with acrylic paint on canvas. For more detailed lessons, please visit Thank you for watching! Music They Hexyl Circle Creative Common License

25 Replies to “Landscape Painting “Tips and Tricks” by Tim Gagnon – Painting Grass with a Fan Brush”

  1. the clouds looks very realistic, great job! try to post a vid about the technique used for that part .

  2. Tim i used your method with grass to paint my 1st landscape here on the austrian border. it worked well and everyone loves the painting. thanks. oh clouds elude me completely. can we have more on clouds .

  3. good video man and good tips for beginners. fail to see where all that agroo is coming from in other comments. keep up the good work and hope to see more

  4. Dang – I love this guy! Total inspiration and great source for technique! Awesome stuff, TIm~!

  5. yeah i sort of thought that too….then i saw it from the perspective that the tree was on a hill, higher than your level of view, so you wouldnt see much shadow at all : )

  6. Fan brushes are good for texturizing, but aren’t easy to paint ‘solid’ shapes with. Use sables for blending and get some synthetics for acrylics. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. and BTW…….i did apologize to you before you even sent your reply….so if you want to talk art with me fine….but dont bother me with your “im the rightous one and the world is full of people like you” bullshit….you are no better then the next guy pal….you just have extremely thin skin is all…

  8. well i see like a typical coward, you spew your garbage and then censor me..well welcome to my other account..first of all i would like to say that its obvious you have some deep insecurity issues that you need to deal with…a 7 year old wouldnt take offense to what i said and you act like i just stabbed your mother…grow a fucking backbone…and when you say that the world is full of jerks like me, yet YOU are the one throwing all the insults and petty taunts, makes you a fucking hypocrite..

  9. hippie stoner? do you know how to rub ppl the wrong way…you sound like a real jerk…you seem like a little 2 bit artist who likes to comment on all ppls work without knowing what art is all about…ARTIST???You sound like an old fart…and bet you paint that way….also maybe you need to be high to paint and for ppl to be high to respond to your work…but the world is full of ppl like you today…dont know nothing and want to pretend thay know all…and BTW you ARE warped

  10. Im new to painting and don’t have any old brushes just yet, will a regular fan brush work as well? Also do you work in other mediums besides acrylics?

  11. and on a more positive note….i believe that since my eye is telling me that the light is coming from the left, and he is saying it is coming from the right, that most likely the shadows in the room and the way the camera is portraying the light is what is causing my eye to be deceived…anywho…i was probably too harsh earlier…so all apologies…and indeed it is all about art and being creative…cheers

  12. what on earth are you talking about…?? you sound like a hippie stoner….im very open minded when it comes to art…but i also realize that there is a technique involved, and if you inspire to be an artist of worth, you cant just “go with the flow” as you put it…being a painter myself i not only enjoy looking but i also enjoy LEARNING what is going on in the painting….so i believe my statements are legit, and deserve a little bit more insite ,rather than your somewhat carefree response

  13. 5/5 great tutorial, one thing i noticed umm as you explained about the light coming from a direction i think you needed some more shading around the tree grass area ๐Ÿ˜› but really great tutorial amazing landscape paintings keep up the great work.

  14. Love the painting…its all about ART…Like someone said to me once…no one may like what you do, but if you like what you made, its a work of art…moonlightgarden: its all in your eye…personally, i found it very enchanting…its when we try to limit ourselves to what looks “natural” that we get warped…just go with the flow…..

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