Live painting a Portuguese traditional art tiles azulejo – Decorative Ceramics from Portugal

BICESSE TILES production of repetitive tiles or http Artists: Elizabete Mateus, Paula Vicente and Carla Borges Music played by José Castro (a tribute to my brother) Production and post production by Luís Leal

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Portrait in Classical Oil Painting Technique by Alexei Antonov . Multiple Layers Painting Step by Step Portrait Exercise. A special teaching system which I have developed specifically to enable the student to learn and remember the main technical principles of the Flemish painting traditions in a very short time. Students will practice paintng on step-by-step template with 6 windows reflecting the stages of classical multilayer technique, from imprimatura to the final brush strokes. In the windows showing the previous stages (layers), students will imitate the exact color and shade mixture of the next layer, following the example of the template, without waiting for the paint to dry.