If You Want the Simpler Things In Life

When it comes to life, things can get pretty chaotic. Jobs, school, children, politics, it can all seem like too much sometimes. For all those times you missed hours of sleep and all the times you gave up your weekend to serve others, take a day for yourself. If you want the simpler things in life it’s time to start appreciating the quiet, solemn days. Here is a list of activities to do if you are looking to take a step back from your busy lifestyle.

  • Start painting out in the back yard. Nature is sometimes the most calm thing around you. Likewise, painting can be the most soothing, and rewarding activity to take part in when you are feeling stressed. What will you need? You want to get different colors of paint, a painting easel, quality paintbrushes, and a painting surface.
  • Join or form a book club. Literature can really calm one’s sprit. What you will need is a list of books that you’ve always wanted to read, two or more dedicated members, and a specified location to meet once a week. You will also need to set aside time during the week to get your reading done, this is a great way stay in touch with yourself throughout a hectic week.
  • Start sewing, knitting, or crocheting. This will be both relaxing and rewarding. If you have kids this would be a great way to produce some clothing or outer wear for your family.
  • Start a new hobby that involves exercise. It’s time to start something new such as yoga, nature walks, or pilates. You can join a class and learn proper breathing techniques to reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that physical exercise creates a healthier, more productive work week. It gives you the energy boost that you’ve been needing, why not start today?
  • If want to start finding the simpler things in life, step away from your work life for a while and spend some time with the family. It’s also important to set aside some “you” time and do activities that will help uplift your spirit. Starting a new hobby like painting or sewing could be just the thing you need for an effective weekend. Don’t forget to take naps!

    How To Make Your Pottery Personal

    The growth of shops that allow consumers to decorate their own pottery pieces or ceramic items and have then fired on the premises have also given people the opportunity to make pottery personal. Not only can you make pottery personal for yourself but also as a gift for others. There are many different styles and designs from which to choose. This is something that is not only fun to do but also fun to choose if you have a special friend or loved on that is always quite difficult to shop for when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and such. Have fun making these gifts mean something for the one receiving the gift as well as you, the one giving it.

    Gift giving is often a very difficult thing with many people stressing over finding the right thing, the right size, the right color, or the right style. Then there is the added pressure of spending the right amount of money and remembering to include a return receipt in case the gift doesn’t fit, is the wrong color, or may be completely unflattering. There are simply too many things that can go wrong. This is one reason that creating personal pottery gifts for friends and family is such a wonderful way to go. It’s a gift that you get to give yourself and you get to give to your friends and family.

    Seriously, you get to enjoy the time you spent selecting and painting the gift you are giving. That is always a great thing. The selection process should be fun and appropriate to your friendship or relationship. If you have a favorite movie or song that you both love together the pottery piece can either be decorated in that theme or be that thing all together. Paint a cookie plate and cappuccino mug for your friend that you meet for coffee and biscotti once a week. Paint a princess crown for the little princess in your life or a monster light switch cover for the little monster “wannabe” in your life. For the man in your life you can paint a small “bank” for his poker night money. The possibilities are endless and you can always adjust themes suitable to the person you are painting for.

    Make household decorations that are appropriate for upcoming holidays. These are often gifts that keep on giving year after year as they are incorporated into routine decorating for the various seasons. Don’t forget about Santa. Most pottery painting shops have plenty of plates from which to choose for painting and a Christmas themed plate for Santa’s cookies is sure to please. Platters are also great ideas for all of the Christmas serving that must be done. Remember to follow the care instructions closely however as most of these types of platters are hand wash only and some of them may not be food safe.

    Just remember to have as much fun painting your masterpiece of a gift as you had selecting and planning it. Most shops have a gallery of sorts to help with ideas if you are truly stuck and many also have a picture book of past projects and creations that are eye catching and appealing. Be sure to check out the various books before beginning so that you don’t see something that you wish you had seen first. Of course you could always save that idea for next time.

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