If You Want the Simpler Things In Life

When it comes to life, things can get pretty chaotic. Jobs, school, children, politics, it can all seem like too much sometimes. For all those times you missed hours of sleep and all the times you gave up your weekend to serve others, take a day for yourself. If you want the simpler things in life it’s time to start appreciating the quiet, solemn days. Here is a list of activities to do if you are looking to take a step back from your busy lifestyle.

  • Start painting out in the back yard. Nature is sometimes the most calm thing around you. Likewise, painting can be the most soothing, and rewarding activity to take part in when you are feeling stressed. What will you need? You want to get different colors of paint, a painting easel, quality paintbrushes, and a painting surface.
  • Join or form a book club. Literature can really calm one’s sprit. What you will need is a list of books that you’ve always wanted to read, two or more dedicated members, and a specified location to meet once a week. You will also need to set aside time during the week to get your reading done, this is a great way stay in touch with yourself throughout a hectic week.
  • Start sewing, knitting, or crocheting. This will be both relaxing and rewarding. If you have kids this would be a great way to produce some clothing or outer wear for your family.
  • Start a new hobby that involves exercise. It’s time to start something new such as yoga, nature walks, or pilates. You can join a class and learn proper breathing techniques to reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that physical exercise creates a healthier, more productive work week. It gives you the energy boost that you’ve been needing, why not start today?
  • If want to start finding the simpler things in life, step away from your work life for a while and spend some time with the family. It’s also important to set aside some “you” time and do activities that will help uplift your spirit. Starting a new hobby like painting or sewing could be just the thing you need for an effective weekend. Don’t forget to take naps!