Watercolor Painting – The Play and Magic of Light

Watercolour paintings include fresco, tempera, aquarelles, gouache types of paintings. Watercolour paintings are done by using the colours mixed in water and not in oil as in the case of oil paintings. Watercolour paintings and the artists enjoy several advantages by using the watercolours. These advantages lie in the colours’ quickness of its application and the transparent effects achievable. The brilliancy of watercolour gives to the paintings is also one of the major attractions to use. As the watercolours have certain advantages over other colours the artist have turned the watercolors painting technique to their advantage. These painters often depict much beauty and more information and sense of the place than it would be nearly impossible otherwise. The handling of watercolours is an art and technique side by side. Using the water colours is quite technical, too.

Once you have put the colour on paper there are very few chances of correcting any mistake done while painting it further. While applying, watercolours also need special care on the part of the artists. And after getting a painting at home the owner, or a curatot, of the painting should care much about the same. The watercolour paintings would be vulnerable to sunlight, dust and humidity in the air. However the modern techniques have taken care of most of the drawbacks of the watercolours. Using watercolours have certain advantages over other colours. The master artists have turned the watercolors painting technique to their advantage. These painters often depict much beauty coupled with the colours. They can pack more information and sense through watercolour and the smooth brush strokes. Except in watercolour paintings, such a fee of the place and light would be nearly impossible. Wrtier of this article, Naval Langa is a short story writer from India. He writes essays and articles on various subjects, including the art of paintings.

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