The Dance of WaterColor 1: Beginners and Beyond Watercolor Painting

his DVD is ideally suited for beginners who want to understand how “water” and “paint” combine to produce beautiful watercolors! Learn drawing basics for a landscape, color basics for mixing color, and color theory for painting harmonious paintings. Julie takes you through the painting process step-by-step and clearly explains the water-to-paint ratio so, as a beginner, or a painter with more experience, you will gain more control and loosen up your watercolor style. Review of The Dance of Watercolor: If you really want to learn to watercolor, this is the DVD for you. Organization is one of it’s best features. Julie Cohn has lots of easy to understand techniques. She explains why you do something, as well as how to do it. You can refer back to a painting technique without searching through the whole DVD. There are sections on: shortcuts; how to find a good brush; drawing tips; and the all important question of how much water vs how much paint. Julie has easy to remember names for all the varying degrees of water and paint and when to use them. There are lots of quick reference guides about color and painting techniques that I found really helpful. Julie’s original music adds just the right touch! I enjoyed the slide show with the music and used it as a screen saver. A great value for aspiring water colorists. -Dorrie Newton

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