The Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Of Choice For The New Year

After last year’s recession, many people worldwide have taken a positive stance when it comes to the year ahead. “It’s all about colour they say” and what better way to explore these colors and express them than through paint. Paint has always a feel of renew and excitement whether it be for renovations or new projects. On most occasions a lot of thought and time is taken when it comes to bedroom colors. Options for bedroom paint varies depending mostly on people taste and what type of decor they are going to be using.


Popular bedroom paint colors have developed since last year and seem to be focusing on the natural, contemporary look. Your earthy and raw kind of bedroom paint colors have been selling very well and a lot of interior designers favour these colors as they are complimentary to furniture for example: having creamy beige walls and then using a dark wood for your chest of drawers and cupboards. The walls can accentuate certain features in the bedroom and other areas too such as: painting window sills or border frames around windows to accentuate the view and also create the appearance of a larger window. Popular bedroom paint colors have proved to be the creams, browns, leather tan and even dipping into the grey section.


Paint effects have also come into the spotlight with bedroom paint. With a lot of resources at your fingertips you are able to create feature walls above fireplaces, where you can hang a painting or sculpture to emphasis a focal point in the room. Another trick of the trade when it comes to bedroom paint techniques is to paint a divider or often referred to as a dado rail around the room at about 900mm high. This effect separates two colours if you choose to, or just generally makes the roof appear higher creating the illusion of space therefore making the bedroom look larger and lighter.


Materials and drapes can also fuse the bedroom colors well. If you have a room with high ceiling and you want to create a cosier look, you can use contrasting material and drape it over rods above the windows. You’ll find with most of the popular bedroom paint colors going along the lines of your greys and off whites that there are more options for linen, fabric accessories and cushions etc. with those type of neutral colors, you can then highlight the area with bright and modern colors like your reds and blues, depending of course on your taste or your clients.

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