A Tale in Time of Oil Painting Artistry

The art of oil painting goes way back in time as it plays an important role in the interior designs of towers, homes, renowned buildings and royal family dwellings. Many famous and respected artists from every part of the world used oil painting to paint the momentum in history with its changes in different era, rule and reign. Most historic oil paintings have been kept and preserved in some of the world’s exceptional museum while others were gone in time.

Oil painting mediums are easily available for anyone, yet this has caused its lost in artistry. Nevertheless, only a handful of painters are skilled with aptitude in oil painting techniques. Basically, almost anyone can perform oil paintings in spite of one’s skill or experience but the real art of oil painting has lost its originality. This is because the number of artist who take the trouble to educate themselves into practicing the artistry of oil painting medium are getting lesser.

The Traditional Portrait Painting:

Going back in time before cameras were invented, one may hire an artist to paint a portrait as a gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even special occasions. For an artist to paint a portrait the subject must sit very still and sometimes for long hours as the artist tries to depict the picture to look almost as if it is original with the use of oil painting mediums. It is such a strenuous and demanding practice to spend the long wee hours for the artist to paint the portrait of the person who commissioned it.

The Technological Revolution:

In the digital era of art, many are influenced by the use of technology which has replaced most art medium including oil painting. The use of modern technology has eradicated the unnecessary sessions for long hours of being still just to create a portrait painting. Nowadays, people can get a portrait of themselves painted by simply handling a photo to an artist to paint an oil portrait by transferring the picture in a photo to a picture in a canvas.

Thus, oil painting has lost its uniqueness as a consequence to the existing digital era and also due to fast paced environments. Nonetheless, we should regard oil painting artists as superior craftsmen and they deserve to be compensated for their prestigious skills with ample generosity.

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