When You Study And Complete This Simple Magic Trick, You Will Turbocharge Your Social Personality

This classic magic trick is fairly easy to learn, yet will powerfully entertain any audience. This is an up close type of trick, so you can perform it for your friends, at a bar or at a party. It requires a bit of set up, but since you will be using pretty straightforward and everyday objects, this shouldn’t present a problem.

This is how your soon to be amazed friends will see it. You grab a seemingly partially crushed and empty soda can You show the audience that it’s empty but turning it upside down, and showing them open top. Then you hold it with your magical hands, and with your magical powers, you somehow use powers that break the laws of physics to bring this seemingly dead can of soda back to life.

You shake the can, and those already mesmerized by your gifts will hear the soda shaking inside the can. The can will mysteriously restore itself to its original shape. When you show them the top, they will see that it has not been opened. You simply open the top like any normal can of soda, and when they hear the familiar “pop,” they will gasp in amazement. They will now look up to you as an accomplished mentalist, capable of the most amazing feats of magic.

Here’s how to do the trick. First you get a regular can of soda. The first step is to get a piece of black paper, and cover up the lid, so that it will appear to be open when you show it to the crowd. Then you take a pen or something like a Phillips head screwdriver, and punch a hole about midway down the can. Pour out about half of the soda through the hole. Then crush the can slightly, and leave it off to the side, for you to “find” later.

When when you grab this seemingly empty can, you quickly show them the top, which they will be convinced has been opened. Then while covering the hole with your thumb, shake the can. The crowd will hear the sloshing, and see the can mysteriously come back to life. When you shake the can, the carbonation will “fizz” and expand the gas inside the can, which will reshape the can back to its original shape. Just be sure to flick aside the black piece of paper that was covering the top of the can, and then open it like normal. Be sure to cover the hole while you are pouring the drink out.

The angle is to give them an intriguing story while your setting this trick up, up to when you start to shake the can. When you do this, they’ll be following your words, and won’t even pay attention to the can until it’s too late. Everyone who see this trick is spellbound, as they try to figure out how you managed to break the laws of physics.

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