Decorative Painting Techniques : How to Paint Clouds on Nursery Walls

Painting clouds on the walls of a nursery can be done by blocking in the solid sky areas and blending in the white paint while the blue is still wet. Create feathery, realistic clouds as wall decoration with helpful tips from a professional artist in this free video on painting techniques. Expert: Martitia Inman Contact: Bio: Martitia (Tish) Inman currently runs the decorative painting firm Gotcha Covered with her son Jesse Ganteaume in Gallatin, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri labarge

3 Replies to “Decorative Painting Techniques : How to Paint Clouds on Nursery Walls”

  1. You don’t mention in the video what type of paint you use or what type can be used ie satin, flat, semi. Also, do you mix any of the colors with a glaze and if so, what ratio. Thanks.

  2. we can’t do that it’s your talent .wow so skillful ,i like all of your work .

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