Oil Painting Techniques : How to Clean Oil Paint Off Paintbrushes

In order to clean oil paint off of paintbrushes, try using turpentine to get the paint off, and soak the brush overnight in lukewarm water with dish soap. Find out how to keep a paintbrushes bristles in good shape with help from an artist in this free video on cleaning oil paint off paintbrushes. Expert: Carlos Navarro Contact: www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/c/carlosnavarro Bio: Carlos Navarro is an artist and history teacher at Design and Architecture Senior High, in Miami, Fla., who was born in Havana, Cuba. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

7 Replies to “Oil Painting Techniques : How to Clean Oil Paint Off Paintbrushes”

  1. This Will Just Mess Your Brushes Up. Use “The Masters Brush Cleaner” It Cleans Oil Paint Burhses And Acrylics. It Is Magical Fairy Dust That Cleans Your Brushes.

  2. Never ever ever..let your brushes sit over night in anything. You know how he showed you the brush and the bristles expanded and lost the original shape they came in? That is from leaving the brushes in water (as well as a little general ware and paint in the bristles).

  3. I paint houses, and thiis video was so helpful !
    i have been using mineral spirits/paint thiner for my brushes, I did the water+soap, it was just so nice to find my tools so clean after using the mineral spirits(after living the brushes in water+soap)
    AWESOME, thanks!

  4. don’t letting brushes sit in water for a long time dissolve the glue holding the bristles together? that’s what i herd anyway, i might be wrong.

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