The Art of Sash Window Repairs

Sash window repair specialists are really a unique breed of window artists. Being able to repair the structure of a sash window is very much like restoring historical art. Sash windows are unique because of their stacked design, making the window appear to be made out of separate smaller pieces of glass.

Sash window repair specialists understand that it is not always easy to replace a pane of glass that is more than 100 years old. However, if it can be done it should be done. Throwing away the historical significance of the sash window is something that should be avoided whenever possible.

What historical significance? These are windows that are common in old homes, and were once the mainstay of home design, are dwindling in numbers. Their unique stacked pane appearance and the six over six panel design is no longer in production. This paned glass can be found in each one of the individual rectangles can often measure more than twice as thick as the glass we use in windows today.

Bringing in sash window repair specialists is like bringing in a historical window expert. He or she will be able to evaluate the window in question and provide you with the best possible solution.

If you only need one glass pane repaired, chances are it can be done right then and there. If the weighted “sash” that allows the window to slide up and down is stuck in the frame, this type of repair may require taking apart the window frame and then putting it back together.

In most cases, this is how the original window is anyway. Sash window repair specialists can help you preserve the special history laden windows in your home while keeping the quality of the repair top notch.

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