Top tips for great photos on holiday or vacation

Going on holiday is great, and when you’re home you’ll want to look through your holiday photos to bring back those memorable moments. So to ensure that this years holiday photos are the best ever Gavin Hoey gives his best photo tips. For more videos and advice visit

14 Replies to “Top tips for great photos on holiday or vacation”

  1. what happened with your arm at 1:18?? a piece of it became invisible,
    love your video’s tough

  2. Oh, I see…”holiday” as in vacation. I was hoping for tips on Christmas pictures lol

  3. Hi gavin.
    Great tips, thanks !
    Can I just say though (without any intended offense), you sound just like David Mitchell from The Peep Show on tv.

  4. Or just bring a manual SLR and forget all the batteries, extention cords, and memory chips.

  5. Thanks for the tips Gavin. Its nice to see a pro talking to us rather than down to us..

  6. hey how did u make this video with nice background.Was this live recording with the background on or did u use a software to edit the background

  7. Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

  8. I went on vacation and never thought about bringing a small powerbar extension. This is a great tip!! They even have powersurge protection on most of them now.
    Thank you Gavin!!

  9. The magic of Chromakey! Watch carefully and you’ll see my hand vanish at one point. Opps!

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