Unique Paint – Paint That Will Impress you & your Home – Got Milk?

The most economical way to transform a room is by using paint. Whether it is used as a SPLASH of color or in full scale it WILL MAKE A HUGE difference in how your room “feels” and “looks”. Below I reveal MY favorite impressive paints. I bet that at least ONE of them (if not all) will IMPRESS YOU. Here they are:

Chalkboard Paint!

This is my latest FAVORITE! I am a firm believer that ADULTS can have FUN TOO which is why I like using chalkboard paint to modernize a look “in an unconventional way”. All you need is to prime the wall 1st, then paint away, let dry and HAVE FUN WRITING ON THE WALLS. Chalk is easily removable with paper/water or an eraser board.

Magnetic Paint!

What is AMAZING about this paint – well apart from transforming your wall into a magnetic surface – is that the magnetic paint is actually the primer; therefore you can select your own paint (whatever color your heart desires) as the top coat. How COOL is THAT! Go to www.kling.com for more information.

Metallic Paint!

How luxurious would the color of pearls look on your wall. Well, now you can EASILY achieve it! Ever dream of having an area with the colors & shine of gold, bronze, copper, and silver? Well now you can! Go to www.benjaminmoore.com for more information.

Milk Paint!

Yes, you read correctly. The ingredients (now don’t try to brew this at home!) are milk/cottage cheese, lime, and earth pigment. The paint is intended to be applied to wood. It is environmentally safe, weather resistant, has no harmful odors, and easy to clean up. How impressive is THAT! Want more information? Go to www.realmilkpaint.com for more information. GOT MILK?

Did I win the bet? Did I surprise and impress you with the paint selection? Remember there are TONS of unique paint & painting techniques to use! I strive to always present my clients with unique painting ideas and I would be happy to help you as well.


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