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  1. Dear Norbert,
    Thank you for your very kind comments on my work. I appreciate your taking the time to write me. By the way, I now have a facebook site where I will answer questions (when I am not painting!)written by some of the people that follow me. Maybe you would like to take a look! Michael Parkes

  2. Michael , I am impressed by your art work. It is not only the motive, arangement, collers but now how you apply these classic technique. In Germany we call a ‘Meister’ someone who owns completely his work and the way to do it. You are a Meister in the best Bauhaus way of thinking.
    Regards; Norbert Adameck (Germany Buxtehude)

  3. I paint from memory. Occasionally I use a photograph but that can be very dangerous as photographs do not portray what I want to say. Mostly I use photos for just the gesture of the body.

  4. I paint on canvas if it is large. I tape the canvas on board so they are easy to manage and then stretch later. If they are small paintings, I paint on board. They are not matted. Michael Parkes

  5. Thanks for sharing your peaceful painting techniques. What surface do you paint on? Paper, panal or canvas? The demo is clean and the paintings in progress look like they are matted and done on paper.

  6. Please come to Melbourne, Australia and share your works. It would be my dream come true. Viktoria

  7. Really awesome. Love Michael Parkes work.

    You feel yourself out of this world while watching his marvelous paintings, lithographs, sculptures and so on

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