Learn How To Draw Cartoons In One Lesson

Cartoons can be drawn immediately with simple step by step drawing lessons and you will be able to draw any cartoon in record time whether you have any previous experience or not. If you go online there are many sites that offer free cartoon drawing lesson.

It really does not matter if you have never drawn a cartoon in your life because like anything in life practice makes perfect and if you are determined and persistent these simple drawing lessons that are offered will have you drawing in no time.

Drawing cartoons is a lot easier than you imagined and all you need in order to begin drawing is a drawing pad and some pencils and crayons. There is no secret on how to draw a cartoon all one needs is basic techniques and the key to creating outlines.

You will start off by drawing a circle which is very easy and from there on you will just continue to follow all the other steps which are sectioned out making it easy for you to follow the diagram while you are online and within a couple of minutes you will have produced a cartoon character that is how simple these lessons are.

Make sure you study the guideline and the different shapes which are used for the character carefully before you start your drawing. Begin your drawing by using the larger shapes first which would be circles etc and the larger shapes would also depend on what cartoon character you will be drawing.

Then after you have completed all the steps you will then use a felt pen to trace over your pencil lines and only go over the lines that you intend keeping as you will erase all the unnecessary lines that you no longer require in the drawing.

When you have reached your final stage then you can start using your pencil crayons or water paints to colour your character. Be creative and remember that the more you draw the better you will become just keep practicing. All you have to do in browse online and pick a site like drawcartoonsonline.com or any other sites and in no time you will be drawing cartoons.

Get more help with how to draw cartoons and check out how to become a cartoonist in record time!

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