Painting is an art of using pigments, paints and colors on the surface.  The surfaces which are used for painting are paper, wood, lacquer, clay and canvas.   Anything could be depicted or expressed through painting.   The painting can be either natural or can be a representation.
Painting – history
The old paintings date back to 32,000 years.  In those days, pictures were engraved using red ochre (it is used as a pigment in making paints) and black pigment.  The earliest evidence for painting had been discovered in two rock shelters in Northern Australia.  Western cultures used oil and watercolor paintings as the medium, their paintings depict complex traditions in a rich and stylish manner.
Painting techniques
–    The artist makes use of his creativity and depicts the picture, the way he had imagined.
–    An experienced artist depicts even a complex picture in a simple manner.  It includes things like how you prepare and setup the work and the way you attract the customers.
–    Time and the practice are the two most important criteria which should be developed soon.  
–    Artist should make use of their skills to inspire others; a good art always attracts or creates impression in the mind of the people.  
Painting medium
A medium is one which changes the consistency of the paint and it is also used (as a substance) to bind the pigment in paints.   To express the creativity, different artists use different painting media, it might be an acrylic or oil shall also be used as a medium.   The artists select the painting media which suits their style.
There are various kinds of paintings, out of which some of them have been explained below
Abstract art
This art creates a composition using various forms, colors and lines.  All these lines, forms and colors used to give some kind of reflection to art, which may be arranged into pleasing compositions instead of the normal subject matter.   This art requires more training, knowledge and experience in painting techniques.
Still life paintings
This painting deals with the inanimate subjects, which might be either natural or man-made.   Still life painting is a mechanical exercise and cannot expect to be a truly artistic art.  Most of the artist’s classic and modern period’s works are still life paintings.  When you undergo a formal training for still life paintings, you can enhance your knowledge, at the same time, you could learn how to mix and handle the paints and brushes.
Modern art work – Modern art refers the colors and expressions at recent times.    An artwork reflects a person’s appearance and their individuality.
Surrealism paintings – Surrealism is a modernized development in art and literature, where an attempt is made to decipher the works of the unconscious mind as appeared in dreams.  These paintings bring reel things into real life.

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