19 Replies to “Michael Parkes – Painting Techniques 2”

  1. Hi! I love your work! Its amazing! I am currently taking art and art & textiles for GCSE! You are a big inspiration!

  2. i work as an illustrator and i my university’s style is all focused on brush strokes and visible marks for emotional effect but your insight is truly brilliant thank you

  3. …it takes time. I have been painting seriously 35 years. Give me 35 more years!

  4. Wonderful insight, thank you for sharing. I’m a huge fan and just bought a lithograph – I hope this is the start of my collection of your work!

  5. i have a few questions, how long have you been painting for and were you always this good? i cant imagine painting anything of that quality!

  6. Most Excellent. Your art has always been some of my favorite and some great tips I can’t wait to try out. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. It is a pencil under-drawing with a wash tone overall with thin layers of color in oil applied afterwards. The highlights in white are in opaque white oil paint.

  8. Thank you for your kind comments. And it is nice to know there is another painter that has paintings that talk to one another. Michael Parkes

  9. Thank you! In my work I want to create more beauty in this world. And it makes me happy to know that my work can create a space that is also peaceful. Michael

  10. I found your lovely artwork two weeks ago and have just found you again. I am absolutely fascinated with your work, cant wait to see more. You are right about paintings talking to one another, this I do in my own studio…it translates into new paintings!

  11. Your work is so beautiful. Very peaceful.
    And I’m going to try the tinfoil idea.

  12. I think your art is beautiful. This from an artist that works in a spare room near a city. Your space is peaceful, and it translates into your work.

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