I have only one surprised by this?

In 2005 a fire started a lot of manure to nourish Nebraska, spread and burned for many months. Manure in bags on the truck in Texas started a deadly fire. It seems that the manure breaks down, producing methane and hydrogen sulphide gas. If this happens in very hot weather, the spontaneous combustion can occur. Fertilizer can explode and catch fire. Exploding manure is not uncommon for farms and not rare cause of fires. Now they know the risk of combining manure with hot air, it is surprising that Washington DC is not always explode in flames. />
In 2007, the figure “Profile Bella Princess” was purchased on behalf of a Swiss collector for $ 19,000. This was about the amount paid for the painting at auction in the gallery for 11 years before. However, what he thought of 19th century German painting is indeed by Leonardo da Vinci painting worth more than $ 150 million. Authenticity was established by a digital scanner, which found the index or middle finger press on the picture. That the fingerprint matches the fingerprint of Leonardo's painting “St. Jerome” in the Vatican. Who knew Leonardo da Vinci painted the finger? />
In 2009, the discovery of vegetarian spider was published in Current Biology. Unlike some 40,000 species of spiders known to science that those who eat meat, two scientistseotropical jumping spider that eats the leaf tips of acacia trees. Previously it was thought that the biting ants, which eat melon, like the acacia trees protected food from any other plant eaters. However, the vision, agility and cognitive abilities, the Bagheera Kipling “help prevent ants. For this discovery, unfortunately arachnophobiacs feet. />
In 2009, he knew that NASA was running out of plutonium-238 ? Since plutonium-238 is a byproduct of the Cold War, none has been done since 1980. NASA is sufficient for the next Mars rover mission and the next higher level of foreign planets, but the heat that is emitted by plutonium- 238 and converted into electricity is indispensable for future space missions that are too far from the Sun to solar energy. When Congress approved, or $ 30 million to restart production, it will take eight years that NASA needs £ 11 a year. This is the planet's future space travel, far left in

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