How to Paint in Impasto Style of Painting

Impasto is the technique of putting the colours on canvass that it gives texture to the painting. The style of painting known as ‘Impasto’ has its own advantages over the other styles. When an artist uses this as his or her style of painting, he has several purposes in mind. Firstly, the technique of impasto depicts the effects of light in a particular way. And that gives an artist some control over the quality and the reflections of light on the painting. Secondly, it helps in adding a tint of expressiveness to the artwork. An art lover would recognize the artistic strength and speed in working applied by the artist.

The most important benefit of using impasto is that this style of paintings converts a painting into a three dimensional state, gifting it with a sculptural look. The artists like Rambrandt, titian and Van Gogh had used the impasto technique. In recent time the master painters like Hans Hofmann and Willem De Kooning have extensively used this technique, making their paintings more aesthetically beautiful and more expressive in nature.  some times these artist applied the paint in such a big stock that the painting really looked like three dimensional.

This painting technique is most suitable in case when an artist is using oil paint. Oil paints are relatively thick and they take more time in drying on canvas. Many artists have used impasto style of applying colours in their acrylic paintings, too. But ‘impasto’ cannot be used if a painter uses watercolor or tempera, as these colours are relatively thin in quality.

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