local painting company – MyArtPassion Drawing Method Review

The publisher’s website promises the following: “Learn to Draw and Paint Like a pro in just 14 days with MyArtPassion Drawing Method. You will soon be able draw or paint anything you want at will”.

Who Will Benefit Most From This Drawing and local painting company ebook?

This drawing and local painting company course is primarily for experienced beginners that are frustrated by a lack of progress. This course is probably not for a rank beginner because it does not begin with basic sketching techniques. Also, it is probably going to be somewhat difficult to follow for children under 10 or 12 years old.

About The Instructor

Darren Chow describes himself as a self taught artist with no formal art education. He spent much of his youth drawing in school when everyone else was making notes. “When I feel bored, I draw. When I feel frustrated about anything, I draw. I just love drawing“.

The Physical Parts

There are no physical parts to this course. Instead it is downloaded as a series of PDF files to your computer from the internet. The ebook files can either be read directly on your computer screen or they can be printed and read from hardcopies.

A Partial List Of The Lessons

Volume One: The main focus of this volume is drawing in monochrome (one color) 96 pages

  Getting Started, Subject Selection, Getting the Tools Ready, Understanding Light, Proportions,How to Draw Quickly and Efficiently, How to Create Exciting and Interesting Drawings, How to Create Moods and Atmosphere, How to draw Hair, Fur and Feathers, How to Draw Portraits and Landscape Drawing.

Volume Two: The main focus of this volume is drawing and local painting company in color – 109 pg

  Important color concepts, the application of basic drawing techniques in color, key challenges that you’re going to face, examples and illustrations on how to work with each coloring medium, gouache paints, acrylic paint, oil local painting company and associated health hazards, the reasons why you can or cannot mix certain coloring mediums and six popular local painting company techniques.

The Bottom Line

Darren Chow is primarily a talented and passionate amateur artist. Unfortunately his lack of formal art education is apparent in many of his own works. His drawings often lack the polish and accurate perspective of true professionals.

The ebook format of this course is not ideal for learning to draw and paint. Video lessons with a companion support book provide a much richer experience that goes well beyond the written word alone. Watching and listening to a master painter is a more complete way to learn such an intensely visual subject.

If this ebook sold for $15 instead of $47 it might be worth it. If you intend to learn from an illustrated book (instead of a video course), there are other books that are far superior for less money. For these reasons I cannot recommend the MyArtPassion Method of Drawing and local painting company.

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