Love This Artistic Creative

This particular expert of Illustrations and Graphic Design, appreciates what the target audience would like from the designs. Albin Christen has enhanced his Conceptual and Lifestyle sketches to make his content so preferred.

Albin has found a way to generate a design concept and operate with it for over 13 years of his design work. All the designs have evolved over the years and it is clearly visual in his online portfolio.

The designs Albin graces individuals with are of a greater degree of illustration, as the work draws the example of the image to the forefront to make it easy to understand. Albin has also been doing work on a children’s Opera poster, which is identified as “Le Chat Botte”. This is actually to be exposed in his home town, Lausanne.

A “work on demand” time-table is incredibly interesting to Albin, as he likes the meetings, designs and discussing customer and client specifications. Albin has also explained that he did not realize how his work had developed so much, and that came as a surprise to him.

Looking through Albin’s work, you will be able to notice the huge range of media’s, prints and colors that he has mastered over the years. An individual would expect an individual with various years of honing his skills to have got this down but this is beyond a talent, this is a innovative wave of illustration form with the same methods another designer can apply but Albin uses a diverse set of skills to generate.

Albin’s client list is an example of how popular his work is. From businesses and companies such as Swatch,Loto-Quebec,Adidas, Ritzenhoff, Montreux Jazz Festival and many, many more.

Albin will not be scheduling for the future, mainly because he believes that he should live in the moment, to create designs never seen, noticed or thought of before.

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