How to Tattoo with Henna : How to Make Henna Paste: Free Tips for Applying Henna Tattoos & Body Art

Learn how henna paste is created and how to make your own henna ink paste in this free online instructional video on how to apply Henna tattoos. Expert: Nakia Dawkins Bio: Nakia Dawkins, the owner of Ancient Art Henna, is a professional henna artist and has been doing henna for over 5 years.

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25 Replies to “How to Tattoo with Henna : How to Make Henna Paste: Free Tips for Applying Henna Tattoos & Body Art”

  1. thank you so much .. in fact i’m gonna try this now but I don’t have the oil ?? can i add olive oil to henna paste ?? or can i make the paste without any oil??

  2. copy and paste
    2.- past it in 2 different videos
    3.. hold breath for 10 secs
    4.- look at your hand

  3. I think that is the most informative video I have watched about henna so far. Thanks.

  4. She talking to people who dont know how to make henna paste. She took time out of her day to make a video for people that act like you.

  5. everybody who is criticizing her voice needs to remember that she’s on here teaching people how to do something OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF HER HEART. this is free knowledge here. whats your @#$%ing problem?

  6. Hey, I appreciate the way you instruct us but the video is way too dark. Maybe you can use light.

  7. today i was at the wisconsin state fair…and i got 1 of the henna tattoos…they r sooo cool……but this ladys voice is annoying

  8. LOL! Henna is good because it’s not permamnent and you can do your whole arms hands, legs feet, shit your whole body if you want and then you can do it all over again using different designs. You’re not commited to it. I Have several real tattoos and I like the henna tattoos because the possibilities are endless. If you haven’t got one yet, try it.

  9. yah you could but tee tree oil at
    a drug store like
    cvs or shoppers drug mart
    (its used for acne)
    or the body shop

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