Process of Digital Painting

This is a digital painting where I show my process. Digital painting techniques…

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  1. @Bidon45 No real point as in scanning your pencil drawings still works way better when creating something your self so learning with a pencil in paper is a must imo

  2. @worn1 if youre serious about drawing, you can practice just the same on the tablet lol.

  3. @Zhokul that’s true however Some people learn by being exposed to something, I guess it sets a standard for you

  4. Why do people just browse these kinda of videos expecting to suddenly learn how to make a digital painting?

    Powerful software like Corel Painter or Photoshop only counts for so much, and the same can be said for having access to a large range of high quality traditional materials.

    You still have to learn the fundamentals; no amount of instruction videos can teach you how to draw, you have to put in at least a couple of years practice to get to this level.

    And don’t say it’s all talent, either

  5. @Victorthebattousai if you want a link to a REALLY good comprehensive and understandable tutorial about how to paint in photoshop ill send you one, let me know if you do. It isnt just speed painting its a real tutorial.

  6. im guessing this is on corel painter 11. i just got the trial version, but its a bit different from photoshop, but i really want to know how you managed a lot of the awesomeness you just did. its like i have an idea, but i don’t know the program

    awesome painting! an excellent example of quality work

  7. @Victorthebattousai I know exactly what you mean, no one on the internet wants to post like a 10 part full painting walk through with talking or something.

  8. haha dudes. before you buy the equipment you have to get one thing that you can’t buy. knowlegde. you get knowledge from experience and experience from practice.
    i suggest pencil and paper 🙂

  9. Did you make the original image by your self, or did you just get it of the internet?


  11. @Victorthebattousai same here, I have all the materials, but the talent? hmmmm =x

  12. @Victorthebattousai ive had the exact same problem when i got photoshop. i hadnt done any painting before, merely drawing with a pen. so i had to get used to “painting” really : just lay down all your colors, then melt them into each other and sharpen, tighten the form you got. add more and more details, always overpaint what you did before. thats how i try to do it and what i figured out from watching those speedapinting vids. but you gotta find out for yourself though 😛

  13. it’s best to learn it your own way’s and your own style because it art got to do it your way you just can’t use other people skills pretty much just have to learn and play with the tool you gotten ^^;;

  14. @Victorthebattousa
    Its generally endless hrs of endless layers of minor detail dude
    Outline,fill,detailed lines,smudge,blur/sharpen,erase,sample colour,outline,fill,etc
    Taking each layer of detail as required & increasing/decreasing the fill,hue,saturation,contrast of that particular layer,generally
    Most find it easier to start by scanning an initial sketch,as well as using 1 of those pad thingies with the pen,though I taught myself b4 those pads were affordable,back on the Omega 500 in the 80’s

  15. There is no right or wrong Brush. Just try till you find your set of brushes…

  16. ok i just downloaded corel painter 9.. but i don’t know what brushes to use?

  17. @MrDefaulto I agree. And in painter 11 with the new tilt sensitive pencils… oh man.. They are freakishly good. Stuf painted in photoshop very often get a very airbrushy feel, either that or just very digital looking. Painter really does make a difference as far as looks go. And I’m starting to like the workflow better as well. Been using PS for ages and Painter for about 2 weeks.

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