12 Replies to “Tom Radca Painting with Fire Ceramic Art”

  1. Shocking, I could not believe it whan you took that large bowl and then collapsed it. I thought you did not like the pot or something, Cool enough work looks like Vermont

  2. hellofrom Greece!!
    your job is fantastic and your technique!!!
    i love ceramics born from fire i also do ceramics with “raku” technique
    sorry for my english
    enjoy your day!!! tota

  3. hey Kicker it looks like [or is] a form of raku. The reduction is taking place in the kiln . Im not for sure what the white block is .,But i believe its sugar. Maybe the artist will respond to this .Thanks for the vid. In Faves

  4. I’m so sorry i clik on the mistake ikon, on -“user has been reportd”… i hope you will see it.
    it’s a mistake..
    you’r video is beautiful…

  5. Extreme to say the least. How awesome it would be to see the process in person. Amazing results.

  6. Beautiful colors.
    Absolutely Stunning.

    I enjoyed seeing how this piece was made.
    Keep up the wonderful work.

  7. everyone thought “ghost” was the sensual personification of pottery, but this absolutely trumps that. Beautiful.

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