What Should I Paint?

Alright, so you just invested in an expensive wood easel, but you have no idea what you should paint. Similar to writers’ block, painters also experience a lull here and there when they are completely devoid of creative ideas. Well just because you can’t think of something original or interesting, doesn’t mean you should avoid painting all together. Even painting the most basic scenes can really improve your skill and technique, so the next time you are experiencing painters’ block, try painting one of my suggestions below.

  • Fruit. Head to your local grocery store and load up on some bright, luscious fruit. Arrange it beautifully in a bowl, and then have at it. Fruit isn’t the most interesting of subjects, however, taking the time to work through every little curvature and flaw will really help you to improve upon your overall skill.
  • Family members. Choose your mom if you can. She’ll love the attention you lavish on her and this will again be a great way to improve upon your dexterity. If you’re still running short on ideas after you’ve completed your mom’s portrait, then move on to your dad or your little brother. It’ll be a great exercise.
  • Strangers. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, then painting portraits of strangers is a great way to do it. Most people are incredibly narcissistic and the idea of having a painting of themselves is tremendously appealing. You’ll be able to again work on your technique for your future creative projects, while also fattening up your wallet.
  • Landscapes. It doesn’t really matter what location you choose to paint, just make sure that you find it inspiring or at the very least somewhat beautiful. Consider heading to a local lake in your area. It might also be advantageous to focus your painting theme on the particular season. If it’s winter, paint snow covered pine trees, if its spring then paint flowers in bloom.
  • If you are suffering from a lack of creative flow, don’t despair. It doesn’t really matter what you’re painting, just as long as you are painting. Become proficient in the technical aspects of your talent during these lulls, so you’ll be fully equipped to complete any future masterpieces.