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This video is one of my personal favorite videos so far, where I share with you the abstract painting techniques I used to paint the painting called “Mermaid” 36″L x 18″W. For more of original abstract paintings and videos please visit my website at petesoriginalart.com If you are an artist, you have a passion. Your passion is art. Why bother with expensive oils which can take a long time to dry, when there is the less expensive and just as colorful media of acrylic paintings? If you call yourself an artist, your mind flowers with ideas, so many that your day doesn’t have enough hours in it to put them all down on canvas. First you sketch an outline of what you want to paint, then you add the color. If your medium is oil, you may use acrylics as a base underpainting, but why stop there when you can use acrylics for the final embellishments as well? Many artists use acrylics with a grayish or grayish-blue hue as an undercoat because this adds depth to the finished work. If an artist uses this technique, then he can have a number of paintings in various stages of completion, thus fueling the synergy of his work: Work A, for instance, may be nearing completion and lacks only the addition of shadows to the subject, while Work B has the requisite background but needs the foreground fleshed out more, while Work C is in the first stages of underpainting as the artist searches for just the right colors to bring out the richness of the projection final appearance of the work. It

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