How To Paint Trees at Distance and Foreground

While painting landscapes, the trees are the important objects. Every artist who loves nature would love to depict the trees in their every shade and every season. In landscape painting the trees are put in every location: at distance, in the middle distance and in the foreground, too. Keeping the distance of the tree in a scene, an artist would vary the tonal values and shades of colours to be applied. Looking at the difference in the tone, texture and the intensity of colours, the viewers would judge about the distance of trees painted. Such a tonal and coloring arrangement would create a feeling of distance in the eyes of the viewers.

How to Paint Trees at Distance

As the object goes away from our eyes we can see less detail about the same. Thus while painting the trees, or any other object, we should make them loaded with lesser details. If these trees are painted in grey and blue tones, it would be ideal. In case of painting the distant tree, mere placing the silhouette would be sufficient in most of the cases. It would not be necessary to make these trees more outspoken, as they should not look competing with other objects in the near vicinity.

How to Paint the Trees in Middle

In most of the cases while an artist paints landscape, s/he would prefer to place the tree and other vegetation in the middle distance. It would be very important to decide the exact location. Once it is decided that the tree would be in the middle of the scene, the colour scheme and the other aspects like tonal values and the hues of the colours to be applied become clearer.

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