Hennessy Campaign shot only with Light Painting (Long Version).

The Making of the 2010 ‘Liquid Light” Hennessy print campaign. By Photographer Atton Conrad and Time Zone one. Shot fully with Light painting techniques based on his original Editorial. Attonconrad.com

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13 Replies to “Hennessy Campaign shot only with Light Painting (Long Version).”

  1. just a reminder that imagination is the best asset any creative can have…

  2. So, the final shot is a composite of at least 3 exposures? The light trail, the background light, and illuminated bottle itself?

    Truly amazing work. Hats off and much admiration.

  3. Perfect – the visual artwork matches the product perfectly – the concept works out nicely 🙂 Besides that fact, the video is very inspiring, giving anyone who is interested in photography great new Ideas. But what is that soundtrack?

  4. Awesome video!

    Where can I find musics like the one passing in the background?

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