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In this short video I will show you how to use simple blending techniques to create an abstract art painting petesoriginalart.com From the cubism of Picasso in the early part of the 20th century to the latest up-to-date showing at that avant-garde gallery in town, abstract art has been all about change. Purveyors of modern abstract art will take commissions, true, and hew to a set of instructions, yet the art that is for sale in galleries has a rich history of styles to choose from, fauvism and Dadaism and lyrical abstraction. The electronic methods of making art have not been neglected, as anyone who has ever attended a hologram display can attest. Abstract art gained a new lease on life with the blossoming of electronic and robotic methods of expressing art. Form and color and texture combine in video abstraction as portrayed by the modern abstract artist Nam June Paik, the Korean-born artist who is said to have coined the phrase ‘Information Superhighway.’ Paik used media as they excited his interest, mastering one genre and then moving on to another. He has been called the first video artist, a natural progression from his artistic beginnings as a student of music. When he was inveigled by John Cage and other composers as well as conceptual artists to work in electronic art, he was more than ready to tackle another genre. He used both working and discarded television sets in his art, saying that he catered to the American admiration for ‘bright shiny things.’ Whether

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