Painting with Demons Part 1/6: Base Coat

Painting with Demons: Base Coat – Applying the Base Coat – Here is the first video in a six part series painting a Privateer Press Sniper model using my favorite paints, Privateer Press paints. In this video I place my base coat using Privateer Press Traitor Green. I won Games Workshop: Golden Demon Award in 94′ with my Striking Scorpion Karandras model. Since then, I went to school for art and have been working in the videogame industry for 10 years. I’m sharing my painting techniques with fellow painters just as they shared their painting techniques with me over 15 years ago. -rallyRays-

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22 Replies to “Painting with Demons Part 1/6: Base Coat”

  1. @jeremieclub for the record, its a hobby, im sure what ever you do is easily watered down childish. People spend there time different ways

  2. i couldn’t realy see what you were doing on the model, could you trie having the camera looking over your shoulder at the model?

  3. usually the main colour of your soldier will be the base coat, afterwards you can just drybrush the surface details on to make it look more realistic

  4. I went to school at William Paterson University in New Jersey. My degree was actually in computer art and animation… but I love painting mini’s!

  5. I was looking over my shoulder at the computer and making sure I was in frame…. and I had a large coffee before the shoot. lol

  6. danm!very expensive!,but man i can never play or paint warhammer now why? no service to puerto rico,,,shit have to wait until i move.

  7. there are buisnesses that paint them for you but expect to pay ALOT. take blue table painting here on youtube. they are good but if you want a big army that is painted to a tabletop qality expect to pay closer to 1000 bucks then 100.

  8. thaks for the vids man realy helpfull.i have one question though and this gose for anyone reading WATS NMM???

  9. ever sicne dawn of war came i look on warhammer and where it originated,so i look it up on gameworkshop and i notice it was miniatures game since then i been interested in playing it, but in mi country there arent hobby centers fot it.but painting… painting those miniatures is what keeps me from buying them online lol i just dotn have the patience for painting and drawing i prefert if another guy would paint them for me even if i have to pay more than a 100 bucks.

  10. dude i’ve been waiting for something like this, u have a loyal viewer and a subscriber from now on

  11. I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback, and im happy everyone finds them helpful!!


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