Nice Artist Based In The Heart Of The UK

Nana Li is the Cambridge, Uk based freelance designer, who can use her Comic Book, Conceptual and Children’s Illustrations in order to build an identifiable story form. Her concept is somewhat unique, seeing that some of us do not come across this kind of type of art on a daily basis.

This specific online portfolio is definitely a real wonder of works, coming from script to individual drawings that is really special, not solely in color, but with illustration also. She maintained a degree in Biomedical Engineering, which is where she will be able to pull together professional medical information with design, to support advance medical therapies and diagnostics.

Nana explains the particular outlook on her art, she really likes the point in which it can certainly convey some sort of story, no matter if through the use of individual, well-executed image or a chain of sequential panels. That is rather uplifting, for the reason that she is able to help specify precisely what art forms suggest to her and also what exactly they may perhaps produce for others.

Manga creation along with character design are in addition to her specialized expertise. Nana offers workshops based upon those techniques for schools, general events and libraries therefore you can find out a few first-hand helpful hints and skills with her, in person, if you happen to be curious. She has furthermore been included in the book of Rising Stars of Manga UK and Ireland: v. 3together with The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 2 : (Mammoth): v. 2,that can be found on

Her customer list is significant, just like her work is, as it consists of such customers and customers as Shojo Stars, Quarto Publishing, Ilex Press, SelfMadeHero, Simon & Schuster Children’s Books, Letraset and NEO Magazine.

Capture a glance at Nana Li’s work, if you are interested in this sector of design. I guarantee you will not end up being let down, as she can supply what exactly is essential involving a design idea. Her contact details and further general details will be able to be found about her, with the aid of the website.

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