Beautiful Murals of Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are actually made with the help of hard-wearing elements like ceramic, glass, metals stone etc. They are shaped into simply designed square tiles to complex mosaics. Talking about ceramic tiles, ‘ceramic’ the word originated from a Latin word “tegula” and French derivative “tuile” which is also an alloy. Ceramic tiles are formed when CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate) is mixed with white cement and plaster of Paris. These tiles are heat resistant and can with stand a great amount of temperature on their surface.

The nature of ceramic tile is such that it is very similar to cement flooring, so these tiles are used as floorings at many places. This type of flooring is very common these days because they are very easily available and economic in use and also cheaper than other options available. As far as caring of these tiles are concerned, it is easier to clean and maintain and such tiles last for a longer period of time due to their finishing and super adhesive property. Such wall and floor tiles only get affected by acids because of the side effects of the chemical reaction with CaCO3. These ceramic tiles are very useful in flooring of bathrooms, walls, kitchens and floors as they give a very attractive finishing to your home and the interiors look absolutely vibrant and full of energy. These ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. Tiles can be transported very easily, quickly and comfortably as they come in various shapes and sizes. They are also made and designed according to the necessity of the demand, as you can ask for any pattern you want for your home. You can actually use it as per the theme of your house. Let us say if you have a lot of greenery all around your place, you ask for similar motifs on the ceramic tiles and they can be installed at the right places to even more accentuate the look f you house.

These days, when the inside of your house is given more prominence, these ceramic tiles add to the beauty of the interior. They give a crystal clear finishing and it is simply amazing! The famous companies which produce ceramic tiles are basically located in the area where sand is readily available. So that a product can be produced in a low transportation cost. According to the project ceramic tiles can be used everywhere in ceilings, fireplaces, in murals, bathrooms, kitchens, pools, spas, remodeling your home, floors, walls and as an exterior shield on buildings. In older days the tiles were comes in hand made styles. Every ceramic tile is manmade and formed and hand painted which is a form of art. But nowadays, Ceramic tile for the most part is not hand-made because of availability of automated manufacturing machines, though the product is still the same and the charm no less!