Paint Exciting Oil Pastels

Tim Fisher shows how to paint exciting oil pastels on location using a number of different painting techniques Filmed on location around Rutland Water, England by Tim Fisher

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7 Replies to “Paint Exciting Oil Pastels”

  1. It was Sakura who produced the first oil pastels – called Cray-Pas (I have lots of them; I used to work for them) not Sennelier

  2. Thank you for helping us understand how oil pastels work…how convenient, etc. You live in a lovely area to paint!

  3. Sorry about that…but this is only a trailer from my full length DVD…you’d get lots out of that!!

  4. Sorry if it’s a little confusing, this is a trailer from my DVD, ‘Paint..Exciting Oli Pastels….if you watch right up to the end hopefully all will be clear

  5. Didn’t quite understand this; an introduction and a recap but no painting/instruction in between? Rather odd.

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