Mini Painting Series Episode 1: Black Legion Schemes Part 1

Click below to get the Black Legion Army win a 0.00 gift certificate to our online Warhammer store by entering in our Warhammer painting tips contest! For full contest rules click the link below: Welcome to the MiniWarGaming Mini Painting Series. Episode 1 Part 1 is a tutorial on how to paint Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines with 2 slightly different Black Legion Color Schemes. In this video you’ll be shown how to Prime, choose your colors, and dry brush your bolter and jet pack. Stay tuned for part 2. Warhammer 40k 40000 games workshop chaos space marines miniwargaming miniature painting techniques dry brushing war game

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25 Replies to “Mini Painting Series Episode 1: Black Legion Schemes Part 1”

  1. @ionsel That’s right. It’s best to just paint the entire model in your base coat first. General rule of thumb is that if you’re doing a dark colour scheme then start with black. If you’re doing a lighter colour scheme or using opaque shades (reds and yellows in particular are quite transparent) then use white as a base. If you need to do a mixture of light and dark on the same model then you can use black as a base and put white where your lighter colours will be. Faces are best done black.

  2. @Malavain oh alright. but what if it’s like..i dunno. faces? Like y’know, imperial guards or space marines without their helmets on, i also hafta do a base paint of black/white?

  3. @MrGunshots eldar are dainty and elegant looking, chaos are hardcore almost “industrial” stylee and necron are just easy to paint. Chaos is easy to make look a mess though depending on the chapter you choose. Read up on the fluff of all three “races” and see which one you like the most, failing that try playing a few games using other people’s armies if they’ll let you and you’ll soon figure which you’d rather play as your own army.

  4. @ionsel Yes, the spray paint is your base coat and this is what basically keys your model to accept paint properly. If you just paint straight onto a model without a base coat then you’ll find your colours may not go on evenly and the finish wont be as durable. It’s not necessary to use a spray, you can just brush on black or white to use as your primer layer.

  5. question (im new at this), is it entirely needed to use the spray paint when before i start to really paint it?

  6. the way you sprayed the guy at the beggining was not a very good way to spray. move back and forth and move it around always. the clips you showed showed small, close bursts of primer.

  7. anyone know where you can find brazen brass at, GW does not sell it anymore nor do they make it and i am wondering is there is a website that as a stockpile of the paint still in supply

  8. Lmao! He was thinking of something else while filming, wouldn’t it be funny if he started calling the boots “paws” and the chest plate “boobs” xD Rofl

  9. @MrGunshots
    cuz they are awesome
    thats why i started collecting them 😀

  10. its some kinda air filter that makes the air breath able in diffrent planets.

  11. It is a suply feed connected directly to their body, so they dont need to bring food or water on their missions.
    The joints of their armour can also be locked so they can take a nap which will restore the energy they’ll need for the next week or so..

  12. well, they wear a armor that has like a “motor” in it, so those are the exhaustion exit’s (or something)

  13. i have wondered: what is the backpack that ordinary space marines always vear i know its not a jet pack but it looks like one

  14. the packs are NOT repeat NOT jet packs they are just ordinary packs if you want jat packs tyr the chaos raptors, assualt marines and stormboyz

  15. It only applies paint onto the raised/embossed areas while leaving the recesses unpainted

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