cherry glaze oil painting by otto lange

This is a demonstration of painting in oil using old master techniques…sort of…

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25 Replies to “cherry glaze oil painting by otto lange”

  1. Thanks for this video. I been using the same technique for about a year now in my vermeer copies and I can tell is really astounding. I read about it on a study of the mayerne´s manuscript, wich dates back to the XVII Century.

  2. καταπληκτικο!!τελειο,παρα πολυ ομορφο!!

  3. excellent painting….glazing is so exciting…i am sure this is going to inspire a lot of people to try it!

  4. Holy! This is what I call photographic memory. If I was forced to paint cherries and a paper bag it would have taken me weeks…and you completed it far sooner than that for sure. Keep posting more videos please, we all need to learn : ]

  5. What brand brushes did you use here? I’m having a hard time finding a good set of bristle brushes. Also do you use small rounds to do all of your detail work, even on the train? thanks.

  6. I love your painting. I want to paint like this! I think the technique is grisaille? I’m just wondering – why did you cover the whole canvas with brown if only the paper bag ended up with some of that color? Terrific painting though, really. What reds do you use??

  7. Great use of the old and classic techniques! I love it, simple composition but great looking work!

  8. Beautiful work!!! I dabble with oil painting, so I understand both your artistic talent and your technical talent! Sadly for me, I’m years away from being able to paint so well…

    more please 🙂

    PS – I think your proportions were perfect for the subject

  9. I like the way you did the ocre as a really quick background but went straight to the dead layer. nice pic.

  10. Excellent work, I love this style, and I want to learn it
    I have a question .. Why do you put brown layer at the beginning
    And why you’ve licked?
    And is waiting to dry up?

  11. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the video I was impressed. I’ve been doing digital painting for awhile, and have nothing but respect for those that can do it the old fashioned way. Loved the painting.

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