Painting Model Aircraft Interiors Part One – Wheel Wells

Testor’s ScaleWorkshop Video #40a, presented by Brett Green This video describes some techniques for painting and weathering the wheel wells of scale model aircraft.

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25 Replies to “Painting Model Aircraft Interiors Part One – Wheel Wells”

  1. “brown pencil to add some rust…” Planes are built from aluminum, dude.
    What I feel is wrong about this “getting a realistic look” approach to weathering, that seem to be so modern now, is that “realistic look” is a subjective matter of knowledge. To me, A lot of models look wrong. WW2 planes having finishes like a modern, worn navy carrier planes, or a muddy, dusty tank. WW2 planes had life spans of weeks to maximum a couple of months.

  2. video’s like this annoy me, he is not a real modeller he uses all after market things even his mask’s are bought yeah he does a fantastic job but it is just to show himself off. real model makers experiment, make there own mask’s and just have fun with it. i think he takes it a bit far. build straight from the box and make your own masks dare you

  3. it takes time

    youll get better and develop your own technique

    and remember its a model you can do whatever you want

  4. im a noob to model painting i painted a b-17 it was k but would like tips please

  5. Just when I think I know how to do a part of my model well I watch these videos…then look forward to my next model so I can apply the extra knowledge. Many thanks – you’ve done so much for the hobby. Warmest wishes from London

  6. What is commonly used is artists OIL colours from a tube, thinned down to a watery consistency with turpentine / paint thinners. Various shades of browns mixed with a little black (for a grimier look) added, is widely used among both airplane and armour modellers. -Good luck!

  7. RUST on a aluminium (aluminum – US can´t spell!) airplane? -That has to be a first! 😀

  8. Aah, I use Zinc Chromate for the insides of wheel wells, but I never thought about airbrushing when it’s still attatched to the sprue!

  9. i built my plane of plastic oh so nice work but after painting and decals it looks cheap and not like the real plane

  10. cuz of my bad english i couldnt understand what u use to create the oil for your oil wash…cuz i use ink and water but the result arent very good…lemme know ^^

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