Peruvian artist painting ceramics

Raquel, painting ceramics based on culture moche, with a modern style. She will soon have her own website offering courses online.

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8 Replies to “Peruvian artist painting ceramics”

  1. I’m 15 and pottery is one of my favourite thing to do. This lady here gives her pottery life 😀

  2. @savann1998 Yes I agree your comment, some people use their skills in certain way thatn other can really apreciate. I offerd a website but was not possible at due a right sever, it seems than in next month she will show all the bunch of work of arts she have already.

  3. Very beautiful, I love painting and can greatly appreciate what others offer in their talents, keep up the beautiful work!

  4. The website -updated- will be working in the next days… welcome for comment

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