Grisaille Oil Painting Technique

I filmed this late one night so you may need to turn the volume up to hear me…. just a suggestion : ) The subject for the first painting is the awesomely amazingly superly talented Butch Walker. You can also hear his song “Mixtape” playing during the pictures. The last two paintings are my reproductions of Sandro Botticelli’s “Portrait of a Young Woman” and Jan Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for watching!

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25 Replies to “Grisaille Oil Painting Technique”

  1. hey have you ever thought of adding a color to one item of the painting– i do it and they look really cool if you just add color to one thing like the lips or the eyes or anything small

  2. great work! Can you post videos on how to do the detailed black and white portion? Thanks!

  3. U R AMAZZIIIIIIIING!!!! i paint too but unfortunately i just can’t manage to draw/paint portraits:'( i tried soo hard to get them right but it just never works out for mee:'( but THUMBS UP for u!! u r absolutely talented:)

  4. dude thanks so much….i love oil painting but its kinda a pain in the butt. after watching this you made me want to start up again! thanks for the tip!

  5. thanks so much, i am definitely still learning but i really do like this technique too.

  6. me too girl…. me too lol i’ve seen him sooo many times i’ve lost count. his live shows are just AMAZING!

  7. im obsessed with him. he was just in orlando a couple of months ago and i went to see him!! it was amazing and i took like 100 pics with my phone.. hes sooo talented

  8. you know BUTCH? OMG awesome!!! it’s a shame more people don’t cause I LOVE his work.

  9. omg your like the only person i know who knows who butch walker is too!!! god i love him!! beautiful artwork hunny!!!

  10. aww thank you sweetie! there are LOTS of things that i can’t do… believe me… lol. : ) i like acrylics too! oil just takes too long and im not super patient. i would love to see your work sometime : )

  11. Wow! yo are such a talented artist! Is there anything you dont do well? lol! I’ve always wanted to oil paint, im scared! lol! I paint but with acrylics! Im your new fan!

  12. I like using a glaze medium with acrylic paint, it allows to mix right on the canvas. I’m also impatient for oil…Great work!

  13. Thank you sweetie! I really appreciate you for saying that. I will try to paint the shoes! Sounds like a great idea for a painting actually. : )

  14. WoW! Such a talent you have. I enjoy viewing your work. Will you create red stilleto shoes on canvas?

  15. you do actually remind me of that painting… lucky girl you already look like a bod-a-cheli chick!

  16. You rock, love! Can you do my face like that? I wanna look like a bod-a-cheli chick! MWAH!

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