7 Replies to “Basic Latex Painting Techniques”

  1. most inexperienced painters such as myself cannot paint a straight line between the ceiling and the wall. It is much easier to find something with a straight edge to hold against the wall while painting the ceiling and then when the ceiling has dried to hold against the ceiling while painting the wall. More work, but a much cleaner result with straight, clean edges all around.

  2. and why are you cutting in the ceiling if you are painting the walls anyway? you are not going to be able to paint the walls and ceiling in separate colors the same day regardless so why not save yourself all the extra work and not worry about the walls while painting the ceiling

  3. Why on earth are you recommending a tray to paint out of?, shouldn’t you use a 5 gallon bucket and a grid to roll out of?

  4. why the heck would ya need a painters hat >_> fraid to wash a bit of paint outta yer hair?

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