Top Enamels Color Painting Techniques of Jaeger-LeCoultre

The enamels color painting of precious gems and its carving and enchasing are the top techniques in watches field. However, Jaeger-LeCoultre smartly utilizes these techniques into the watches making and art creation, deducing an ultimate elegance. Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the few designer brands capable to use various kinds of traditional decoration on the wristwatches.

In 2009, Jaeger-LeCoultre designers specializing in enamels decorative art show their genius by two series of watches, namely, Master Minute Repeater and Master Grand Tourbillon, guiding you to have a subtle touch on two kinds of traditional techniques-High-temperature baking and mosaic enamel.

Venus Master Minute Repeater is the best representative of the marvelous enamel technique. Jaeger-LeCoultre chose one of the four classic paintings, Venus as its motif and used enamel color painting to decorate the watch dial. The inspiration comes from several aspects. But all is relative to Italian Renaissance, Spanish Academism, and French Classicism. The enamel painters of Jaeger-LeCoultre selected the classic image as their producing inspiration, including The Birth of Venus, The Venus of Urbino, Rokeby Venus and Venus Anadyomène.

Besides the extraordinary expression capability, all the masterpieces fit the small dial of Master Minute Repeater. Jaeger-LeCoultre subtly combined its respectable painters to the sweet ring of Master Minute Repeater, which is the new breakthrough in its watch making field. In order to assure the collective value, the wristwatch has hour and minute display. There are two additional displays on the watch dial, making it legible and low-pitched. The torsion released by double going-barrel is set at the position of four o’clock, and the power reserved displays at the position of eight o’clock.