Painting Techniques to Give Your Home a Special Touch

Wouldn’t you love your home to have that special unique touch? It’s much easier to achieve than you think. There’s no need to hire an interior decorator; using some simple painting techniques can give you that decorator look without the big price tag. If you are seeking a room that truly gets attention you should consider some of the following painting techniques.

Stencilling is definitely one of the most popular techniques around. This technique takes a fine touch, as stencils can be very intricate. There are thousands of stencil types available allowing you to create a modern, classic, contemporary or trendy look for your home. One of the fun things about using stencils is that they can be incorporated with other painting techniques in order to get some fascinating looking walls. A very popular use of stencils is creating intricate borders around your walls. Or even using a single stunning stencil on just one wall as an instant attention grabber.

Stamping is another common and fun painting technique. Stamping is quite similar to stencilling, but when stamping you press the images on to your walls with wet paint. Stamping is an excellent way to achieve a designer look on the cheap. Like stencilling, stamping requires a steady and firm touch – to get an even and pretty look you must be straight and organized as you stamp the wall. When done professionally, stamps can look simply beautiful. It can take more practice than people realize to develop the skill of placing a perfect stamp, practice on paper or cardboard first and you will pick it up.

In recent years sponging has become a well liked painting technique. Sponging is a very intuitive technique that takes several complimentary colors. Once you have chosen your colors, you use a sponge and press it lightly against the wall repeatedly. This process creates delicate patterns you simply won’t create using any other technique. Since you can customize this with your own personal color scheme, you can create a truly unique look for your home and that particular special room. The results of sponging can look quite modern, but it can also be made very soft and romantic to create a contemporary or classic look.

Ragging is quite like sponging in the way that you “rag” the wall, except rather than using a sponge, this technique uses a rag. Using a rag gives you a more marked color effect since there are no large holes to let colors come through like with a sponge. This effect is one a lot of people enjoy – especially in homes with a modern or contemporary decor design. Generally ragging is done with clean cotton rags, with a different rag used for each color.

Murals are another delightful technique that can be used in your home. Murals are an excellent way to to achieve that one-of-a-kind look. Many people commission murals for their home to celebrate a major event such as a birth, anniversary or wedding, or simply to share something of beauty with their family. There are any number of scenes you could choose to depict in a mural. Maybe a family story or a classic fairy tale would fit with your home. A mural can be in the family room for maximum exposure or even something sweet for your newborn baby’s bedroom. Depending on its style, a mural will express your family’s way of life and personality for all to see.