25 Replies to “Miniature and Military model painting techniques guide”

  1. too jumpy.
    if your going to use extracts from your dvd to advertise it you might want to try making it clear which section your jumping to and dont jump back to a subject youve already done, it makes it too confusing.

  2. It’s really hard to understand whats being said sometimes. You should lit the supplies you use.

  3. yah, i kinda knew that. I play nids also. do you have any suggestions for my Hive Tyrant?(I don’t have him yet, I am going to get one soon i hope 🙂 )

  4. Because these are extracts from the DVD. Buy it to get the full video. Read the discription.

  5. Land raider. However it looks alot smaller than other ones ive seen. Also whats the name of the airbrush your using?

  6. six and a half minutes in and about 5 seconds worth of actual painting shown. I liked how you talk and talk about the products, and then cut to AFTER you applied the paint. It’s like watching a cooking show were they talk about the ingredients and then pull the finished meal out of the oven without telling you how to actually make the fucking thing.

  7. My God needs to bless you to go back to school. Also, what the fuck is acroos? My ignorant friend, you would snakelick my balls then put them in your mouth, not cut them off. Obama will call for all white racist men to be ass raped and have their bloody asses dumped in a man made ditch. Only after that beautiful act will God truly Bless America.

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