Watercolor Painting Techniques : Watercolor Techniques: Paint Light to Dark

Watercolor painting techniques such as painting light to dark ensure that the artist can take color off the paper if they make a mistake. Get free watercolor painting instruction for painting light to dark in this video watercolor lesson. Expert: JK Dooley Bio: An associate member of Women Artists of the West, JK Dooley’s award-winning watercolors can be found in collections across the United States and in Europe. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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Watercolor Painting : Grass Painting Techniques

When painting grass, a fan brush is useful because it has many bristles, and a nylon fan brush is even better because the bristles can be spread apart. Paint grass that appears to be either short or long with help from a watercolorist and teacher in this free video on painting grass with watercolor. Expert: Sherie Tengbergen Contact: www.delrayartleague.org/A_sherie_tengbergen.htm Bio: Sherie Tengbergen is a watercolorist whose life has been dedicated to art and creative applications. Filmmaker: Paul Muller