Make a Large Clay Pot on the Pottery Wheel : Adding Clay Rivets to Large Pots

Adding clay rivets on a clay pot is an artistic effect that enhances the beauty of ceramic art. Add clay rivets to large clay vessels using pottery techniques in this free ceramics video. Expert: Chris Cook Contact: Bio: Chris Cook received a Bachelor of Fine Art in ceramics and sculpture from Southern Oregon University, and continues to create ceramic art in his own style. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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tootall’s Pottery by Matthew S. Kennedy provides handmade one of a kind ceramic art that is inspired by the beach and my unique daily experiences along with the great people/artists I come in contact with. This gives me unlimited inspiration for my ceramic art. Being the artist who creates the art, I welcome special orders. I can create almost any kind, size, shape or color with any motif you desire. This is a fun and exciting process for me personally. Matthew S. Kennedy Cell: 562-760-7955