Digital Painting: Replicate The Nuances Of Traditional Painting Using A Computer

Digital painting is the latest art form that originated from some of the more conventional painting methods including watercolor, oil, and impasto paintings. This involves using digital tools on a computer, such as painting software, to create art. Your computer serves as the canvas, while the software is the equivalent of palette, brushes, paint, and other accessories. Now, digital painting and other forms of digital art aren’t the same.

This emerging form of painting still closely resembles painting as you would with brushes and a canvas, whereas other types of computerized art refer to editing pictures, video, or making an image from a model. Specific painting techniques are used for digital painting in the same way they are used for physical paintings, the difference of course is the use of a computer to do so.

Non-Linear Method Of Painting

Aside from using a computer, digital painting differs from conventional painting styles in that it is not linear. This results in artists being able to make any changes to their work independently and paint in layers. One of the advantages that digital art has is the ability to redo or undo any work that you have done. You are able to experiment more because of it without any fear of making mistakes. However, an artist still must be skilled in creating art and implementing various techniques that originated from earlier forms of painting.

Some of the best design concepts used in digital painting are also often utilized in video games, TV, and films. A similar environment to traditional painting can still be created by an artist digitally as long as they have the software to do so. He or she will still have a canvas, tools to use for painting, the ability to choose from almost any color, and mixing palettes. Of course, this is all done on a computer and not a physical canvas.

The more experienced advocates of digital art will begin their work by using digital photos to create art work, by using tools such as a brush from software to blend the various pixels together. All the nuances associated with convention painting can be replicated digitally. This experience can be just as exciting, and allow you to express your creativity and emotions just as much as traditional forms.

Digital painting is the new wave of art. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to it, but is a great way to broaden your skill set and challenge yourself.

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Abstract Canvas Painting

The Battle Between Powder Paint Coating and Traditional Liquid Painting

“Want to paint your place anew? Well, give it up for the newest painting technique that guarantees a lot of fun and convenience! Set aside your old liquid paints because there’s a better option that will prove to be long-lasting for your home. Thanks to Jamaica, we now have the powder coating painting to enjoy.

Gone are the days when liquid paints gave us trouble every time we had to apply some on the walls of our home or sections of our vehicle. It always took painting contractors and workers a great amount of time to finish their job. But now, painting is more fun with powder paint! All you have to do is call either a commercial or industrial painting contractor in Jamaica to help you in the said task.

Painting can be done in a jiffy in Jamaica, it has been since the creation of powder paint.

Powder Coating is a painting process using dry powdered paint that is baked in an oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven curing melts the dry powder into a “”gel state”” then further curing causes this gel to harden into a very tough coating. With the usual liquid paint, the solids are in suspension in a liquid carrier, which must evaporate before the solid paint coating is produced. Research shows that powder paint coating was first used in Australia before it was adopted in Jamaica.

Powder coating is one of the best painting techniques out there, however not everybody is aware of it. In powder coating, the preparation is very important if you want to have the best paint job results.

Powder coating can also be applied to steel, zinc, aluminum, as well as other elements. The great thing about powder coating is that it has the ability to trump the original coating on your motorcycle. Aside from that, there are also hundreds of colors to choose from. Likewise, powder coated motorcycle parts can also withstand acids, solvents, impacts, and even abrasions.

The process of powder coating can be applied to painted items including valve covers, wheels, trim parts, sway bars, bumpers, coil springs, strut bars, etc. As for the price or cost of powder paint, one will find it relatively close to that of liquid paint or other painting substance. Some bulk plating processes similar to anodizing may be slightly less expensive. More decorative finishes like chrome plating is substantially more expensive than powder coating.

After much had been said about powder painting, weigh your options now. Personally, I would go for powder over liquid. There are several clear powder coatings available in semi gloss to high gloss. The clear powder coating works great on polished parts eliminating the need to keep polishing these areas. Best of all, the clear powder coatings outlast liquid clear coatings.”

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Andrew Beene is a registered web copywriter in a web design company associated with a company offering commercial painting contractor Jamaica.