oil painting techniques ~ portrait 3/3 (layer 4)

if video doesn’t play click in the time-line this is layer four which i stopped at for this demo. however you can use as many layers as you want, if I’m doing a very finished painting then I would no doubt use many more In layer 3 i simply applied a warm glaze & made some adjustment to the eyes colors and mediums used – same as for the underpainting color layer + cadmium orange (you don’t necessarily need to use any colors other than the basic 4 that i mention, but use others if you want). If you’d like to copy this painting for learning purposes that’s fine part 1/3 www.youtube.com part 2/3 www.youtube.com image homepage.ntlworld.com website www.mniland.com

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oil painting techniques ~ portrait 2/3 (underpainting 2 – colour layer)

this is the underpainting color layer (layer 2) here you determine the coloring and tonality of the painting you should aim to achieve roughly 80% accuracy to what the finished paintings colors will be – refinements to these can be made in subsequent layers before painting began a thin layer of painting medium was brushed over the surface making the application of color easier and easier to blend smooth with the fan brush colors used: permanent rose cadmium yellow light french ultramarine Titanium White brand: Winton oil color (or other) Mediums: refined linseed oil (or other) part 1/3 www.youtube.com part 3/3 www.youtube.com website www.mniland.com