i-SHOW International Ceramic Artist

Here is Tom Barnett’s website: www.tombarnett.net Tom Barnett who has created ceramic works on three continents created this piece in Richmond Park. (He has worked in America, France, England and Japan.) His most recent work was done this October in Basingstoke. His work generally needs clay to be fired at 1200 degrees. The piece for this particular work is an astonishing piece of ‘firing’. To see more of tom barnett’s ceramic sculture work type ‘tombarnett’ in the YouTube Search section. This weekend Aberystwyth is hosting an International Ceramics ‘Fair’ and Tom Barnett is one of the guest artists and speakers. The piece shown here is the kind of thing that he is going to produce this weekend in Wales. links below to other work by Tom Barnett www.tombarnett.net www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

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