Painting & Decorating: The Impact of Colours

To make a house beautiful and comfy, you need to paint and decorate it. Painting and decorating is the integral part of maintaining a house. Before you start your painting and decorating project, you need to make certain preparations like selecting the right paints colours and finishes, learning the paint techniques, getting aware of design and decoration trends, accents and furnishings. All of these things are the part of painting and decorating projects.

Here, we will talk about the impact of colours on the mood and ambience of the house. Atmosphere of your home gets enhanced by the particular colour on the walls and these greatly stimulate your mood. There are cool colours, warm colours and metallic colours. Let us find about what colour evokes which kind of mood.

Creating an Inviting Ambience for Business Associates

Dark blue and deep plum on the walls will help create that desired result from your business meeting with your clients which you are expecting. Instead of painting whole room with these colours, you can just add prints where they were applied. They will surely impress your clients and what you need to know, these colours are also associated with stability and wealth. When you get the contract, dark blue and deep plum will help you get down to work immediately!

Want to Concentrate

If you often lose your concentration while working, try this simple trick. Change the colours on the walls of your room. Golden curry is such a strong colour that will definitely invoke concentration in you. You will feel energized. Try deep eggplant colour if you are into some intellectual works like editing, writing or researching.

One thing you must know while choosing colours for creating a particular kind of mood is: do not change colours even if they belong to same family of colours. Like, if I am saying deepest eggplant colours, just do not reach for violet or bright purple. It will change the entire mood. In this case, violet and bright purple are linked with recollection of sweet memories. So, at a work station or office, do not bring these colours to distract you.

Creating Pleasant and Subdued Mood

While in a family, people often have controversies and contradictions, resulting hot debates. If walls in your rooms have such colours like deep, rusty red or rosewood or pumpkin shade, then your mood will get brighten immediately. These are the colours which create quiet and soothing mood. Go and talk amid these walls with such soothing colours, you will definitely understand each other’s point.

Entertaining Mood

A raspberry, lime shade or plum rouge creates bubbly effect. If you hold dinner parties too often, make your living room livelier with these colours.

Joanna is a well renowned Polish Journalist specialising in Polish, Russian and English translation services. She has been residing in th UK for 3 years where she has made her home among the Polish community in Tooting, South West London.